St. Louis Wireless

Who are we?

St. Louis Wireless is a brand-new group in St. Louis, working to bring together people in the metro area who are interested in community-supported and grassroots 802.11b networks.

Get connected! Browse the node list to find a St. Louis Wireless node near you.

Interested in setting up a community wireless access point? Want to publish availability of your node? Email us.

The general idea is that people with internet connections and the appropriate wireless hardware can configure their hardware to allow free wireless network access to the public. The degree to which access is allowed, and the guidelines or rules under which that access is provided are some of the things that need to be discussed by interested people. Join the group! Everyone is welcome, and both technical and nontechnical people are encouraged to get involved.


Grand Center (The Commonspace) online!

We are eligible for dealer pricing (40-50% off list) on wireless hardware from Electro-Comm. Thanks go to Electro-Comm for their generosity and flexibility in helping us out. In order to get this special pricing, we need to meet certain minimum order limits, so group orders will be necessary. If interested, post to the list.

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Similar groups have been created in Seattle, New York City, the Bay Area, and Sonoma County.

Some interesting wireless tools
APTools is a utility that can detect wireless access points over the wire and can audit the security settings of an Aironet Access Point.

WaveMon is an ncurses based wireless monitoring application for Linux.

NetStumbler is a wireless LAN mapping utility for Windows users. Free for use and free for download.

dstumbler is a curses-based clone of NetStumbler for *BSD.

Gravitino contains a link to Airosniff, which is a *BSD wireless network mapping tool for use with Aironet cards.

AirSnort is an 802.11 tool for recovering WEP keys over the air.

Between AirSnort and WepCrack, which is a tool for cracking WEP keys, it's fair to say that WEP is dead as a security measure.

WEP Successfully Attacked
This interesting paper describes a successful attack on WEP.
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